Henry MurphyFeb 22, '22

Sometimes people don’t like to talk about “balance in business,” but it is important. First, I would say to do what you do because you love it. The fact that you love what you do will sustain you during difficult times. 

For instance, I love touring. It’s fun and exciting. I get to meet new people, establish new connections, explore new cities, and grow the brand. Overall, it’s a privilege and an honor to travel. 

The other side of touring is that it’s nonstop, wears the body down, and you’re away from family. Plus, it’s challenging to maintain a healthy diet. For example, on any given tour day, you’re travelling through the night, you arrive to the city, check into a hotel, go to the venue, set up, work all day, break down, eat, go back to the hotel, and then you’re back on the road to the next city to repeat everything all over again.

Fun but difficult. There are two sides to every element in business. #Balance

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