Trust God. Trust the Process | Part 3

Henry C. MurphyApr 12, '22

As I prepared my podcast titles for Season 3, I felt a little defeated yet hopeful. I recognized that the triumphs and struggles were all part of the entrepreneurial journey. 

I began listening to a few audiobooks, including, "The Ruthlessness of Hurry," "The Richest Man in Babylon," and "Get it and Give it All Away” by David Green.

Hearing those perspectives were much-needed and I was challenged to make some changes immediately. I looked at how busy my life was, and then I looked at my lack of giving and my mishandling of money. I could pinpoint a million dollars passing through my hands over a period of two years.

One of my fears was also rearing its ugly head, and there was a nagging thought that wouldn't leave. I needed to give up The Compound. I was sick to my stomach. 

I wondered, What is happening, God? What does this mean? Obediently, I surrendered the building over; I terminated the marketing company, and I continued to "Trust God and trust the process." It was all I had left to do. 

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